"This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of souls on the earth!" — Keith Green

Restoration of Children's Home So that We can Restore At-Risk Children in Santiago-Sta. Rita Children's Home 

                                                                                                              OUR MINISTRY PROJECTS

Sta Fe Albergue renovation: this is a project that requires light construction which touches our medical ministry - it is the renovation of a long-term illness recuperation dorm located in the highland mountains of Sta Fe.  An albergue, for lack of appropriate translation equivalent, is kind of like a Ronald McDonald house.  This place is used to house families that are receiving long-term medical treatment and/or recovery such as TB, children’s and women’s health.  IT IS NOT A NURSING HOME, this is a poorly equipped poorly staffed dorm like installation. We are providing renovation as the facilities are deplorable, and will be addressing the installation of water system (they currently gleam from a nearby stream), bathrooms, mattresses, beds, outfitting the kitchen, and such like. 

Santiago children’s home: One of our boldest projects that we are trusting God for.  This is an upstarting ministry to marginalized and indigenous at-risk children primarily from rural Panama who live in abject poverty conditions that are given a place to stay, go to school, get health care (we help with that), and can live there in safe dorm like conditions.  We are renovating this building for those purposes.  Our web site has a short video describing this project. The goal is to provide a safe haven for at-risk children and give them hope for their future. This is a real priority for us and a real need which addresses our core values: children, health, education, opportunity for their future, and spiritual care. 

Church building/pastoral training.  We have been asked to build a church and train a pastor in the Comarca area of Rio Grande.  This project is in the jungle and not for the light-hearted team.  It requires physically hiking through the jungle w/back pack for approximately 3 1/2 hours, cross 3 rivers, and sleep on hammocks.  There is no electricity and no running water.  It is a village in where Ngobe and Bugle populations reside and we have been asked by the Cacique (the head of the Tribal Council governing authority) to do this.  This invitation was personally extended to us by them. We have been there before and it is a “camping like” experience. Everything from our water, food, supplies are walked in.  They help do that by sending horses, and manpower from the village to carry everything.  The church that we are going to build is very simple, it consists of a simple foundation, roof columns, and a tin roof.  That’s it.  It will not have any plumbing, no lighting or electrical, and no walls.  Simple shed like building for a church. The supplies needed consists of cement, rod iron, bricks, etc..  We estimate that this church can be build under $10,000 and we are excited that we will have the opportunity to train a pastor. 

Other community development projects consists of renovation of health clinics in rural mountains of Veraguas.  We have a 12 communities where we serve from coastal to mountainous jungle to urban Santiago.  So, your prayers and support are welcomed, so that we can continue with both medical and community development ministry.  

This consists of our general medical care program whereby we touch upon our 12 communities with general medical education, services, teams, equipment, supplies as needed.  Funding for the maintenance of this requires ongoing medicine and medical supplies and general operational costs to do what we do.  

Our partnership in community development projects serve the communities in need in all areas - spiritual, medical and educational.  The Sta. Fe TB recovery-treatment home project is a rennovation and upgrading of the facilities providing better housing, water, and living conditions where patients can repose with better conditions. 

Community development of medical clinic-renovation and restoration!

Working together with families on stove building projects!

A community development program assisting in both health education as well as building remodeling and repair.  

"If ten men are carrying a log — nine of them on the little end and one at the heavy end — and you want to help, which end will you lift on?" — William Borden, as he reflected on the numbers of Christian workers in the U.S. as compared to those among unreached peoples in China

Taking the solution where the medical need is!

Youth group building an awesome basket ball court for elementary school in the mountains!

Planning Your Spiritual Adventure

Let us help you accomplish your team's spiritual goals with a meaningful project removing the hassle of the logistical planning!  THIS IS WHAT WE DO!

You've got your spiritual goals that you want to accomplish with your group, don't be distracted with the logistical hassle to trying to achieve them.  Let us take care of that while you focus on what you came to do - extend the love of Christ to all and provide a spiritual adventure to your team members like they have never experienced!  Take what you learn here back home and "get on mission" in your own context.  

Our partnership of discipleship extends both ways, to the folks here in Panama and to your team members!  

Let us be your "boots on the ground" and make this spiritual adventure a hassle free one!